What is OpenCart?

In order to very quickly establish an e–store that’s simultaneously fully featured as well as user friendly, then OpenCart is the best solution. It’s the preferred totally free e–commerce software out there. It’s accessible in different languages, supplies a large number of free web themes and add–ons and it is offered in the Free Web Apps.

OpenCart gives you a lot of characteristics right out of the box, and that means you don’t have got to acquire extensions in the first place. It gives support for an indefinite volume of products. It supports a number of currencies, 20 unique payment gateways, 8 shipping methods and much more. You’ll be able to easily create reviews for your goods and also to create rich snippets to raise your search engine listings.

OpenCart is a registered trademark of OpenCart Limited and shares no connection with Hostiggy.

OpenCart–Optimized Cloud Web Hosting Services Services

Using our OpenCart cloud web hosting services solution, you can have your e–store published on the web immediately. Just go for OpenCart from the application drop–down menu on the sign–up form and we will install your OpenCart copy the second we set up your account. This will help you start working on your e–store soon after the signup procedure has been finalized.

Each and every OpenCart–optimized hosting package is supported with a range of service guarantees which will guarantee the trouble–free effectiveness of your sites. Your OpenCart account will be configured cost–free and will have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Furthermore, if you are not pleased with our OpenCart cloud web hosting services service, you could make use of our 30–day money–back guarantee.

A Point & Click Control Panel

When you manage e–store, the less time you spend on your hosting Control Panel and the more time you devote on the website and also on your customers – the better. This is exactly why, we’ve designed a Control Panel that allows you to make everything much faster.

It is possible to take care of your domain names, your websites and your payment transactions from just one place, no requirement for added billing panels. Each time you log in, we will present to you live stats for your current site. Along with our convenient to use, easy to navigate interface, it is also possible to move about the numerous sections of the Control Panel in seconds. We have furthermore included numerous free instruments and bonuses, which you can take full advantage of. With our Online Stats Manager, you’ll be able to oversee all of your traffic statistics anytime, while not having to incorporate any sort of tracking codes to your site. By employing our Web Site Acceleration Tools, it is also possible to make your site blazing–fast.